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Many smartphone apps transmit personal data on a large scale without users being aware of it. These data often result in detailed personal profiles. Existing countermeasures require a high level of expertise or do not meet the requirements. Providers who refuse to collect excessive amounts of data are currently difficult for users to identify. Freedom of choice for more privacy is almost non-existent with apps.

The PANDERAM project will develop methods to easily check smartphone apps and the Android operating system for privacy and data security. An evaluation system will also be developed to assess the privacy and security risks of integrated third-party providers. The results will be used to derive concrete recommendations for users, for example in the form of suggestions for alternative apps, changes in the settings of the device or in app authorisations. This information is presented in an understandable and interactive way and adapted to the respective user type. Two studies are planned to identify information needs in order to ensure motivation to use the developed solution.

As a result, users of apps and smartphones should be able to make autonomous decisions and select apps according to privacy criteria. The market for privacy-friendly apps is strengthened by this freedom of choice, as developers have incentives to offer them.


Project information

secuvera GmbH, Gäufelden

Technische Universität Berlin - DAI Labor
Institut für Technik & Journalismus e.V., Berlin
Fraunhofer-Institut für Sichere Informationstechnologie (SIT), Darmstadt
Technische Universität Chemnitz

Contact person
Frank Kienzle
secuvera GmbH

e-mail: fkienzle[at]
phone: 07032-975829