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AlgorithmWatch is a non-profit research and advocacy organisation, funded by private foundations and donations by individuals. Our mission is to evaluate and shed light on algorithmic decision-making processes that have a relevant impact on individuals and society, meaning they are used either to predict or prescribe human action or to make decisions automatically. We analyse the effects of algorithmic decision-making processes on human behaviour, point out ethical conflicts and explain the characteristics and effects of complex algorithmic decision-making processes to a general public. AlgorithmWatch serves as a platform linking experts from different cultures and disciplines focused on the study of algorithmic decision-making processes and their social impact; and in order to maximise the benefits of algorithmic decision-making processes for society, we assist in developing ideas and strategies to achieve intelligibility of these processes – with a mix of technologies, regulation, and suitable oversight institutions.

AlgorithmWatch is funded by the research program "Mensch-Technik-Interaktion für digitale Souveränität" with the project DataSkop. Together with the German Informatics Society (GI), AlgorithmWatch also coordinates the Digital Autonomy Hub.

Contact person AW AlgorithmWatch gGmbH
Linienstraße 13
10178 Berlin
E-Mail: info[at]
Telefon: +49 30 99 40 49 000