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European Newschool of Digital Studies (ENS)


In the Science & Technology Studies Group at the European New School of Digital Studies (ENS), researchers and students work on critically questioning digital infrastructures as well as cultures and ecologies of data: How do digital data formats and interfaces or analysis algorithms affect our knowledge production? How and which worldviews and values are, by intention or without, being inscribed into software or even larger platforms? What sociotechnical interactions emerge and occur between citizens and digital actors and artifacts?

The European University Viadrina Frankfurt (Oder) together with the Adam Mickiewicz University Poznan (Poland) founded the ENS to explore, reflect and shape the digital transformation of European societies. The ENS is a place to build bridges: between academic disciplines, knowledge cultures and fields of practice. It combines a strong background in economics, law, social sciences and humanities at Viadrina with excellence in computer science and engineering at Adam Mickiewicz University. It is part of the ENS program to focus especially on research transfer and the involvement of non-academic stakeholders from business, politics, or society. We consider this to be the basis of an academic knowledge production that is socio-politically relevant and thus usable for different actors of digitization.

The ENS is part of DataSkop, one of the 10 funded projects of the research program "Human-Technology Interaction for Digital Sovereignty".

Contact person Prof. Dr. Jan-Hendrik Passoth
Europa-Universität Viadrina, European Newschool of Digital Studies
Große Scharrnstraße 59
15230 Frankfurt (Oder)
E-Mail: sts-ens[at]