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EIH Ethical Innovation Hub Universität zu Lübeck


01.04.2021 - 01.04.2024


The Ethical Innovation Hub of the University of Lübeck is an interdisciplinary research institution. It is involved in the DigS-Gov project and conducts research on the explainability of data flows in administration and takes a humanities perspective on the sovereignty of citizens. The EIH conducts interviews according to methods of qualitative-empirical social research.

EIH Ethical Innovation Hub is part of DigS-Gov, one of the 10 funded projects of the research program "Human-Technology Interaction for Digital Sovereignty".

Partner Hansestadt Lübeck
MACH AG, Lübeck
Universität zu Lübeck

Contact person Daniela Zetti
Institut für Medizingeschichte und Wissenschaftsforschung der Universität zu Lüb
Königstrasse 42
23552 Lübeck
E-Mail: daniela.zetti[at]