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01.08.2020 - 30.07.2023


What happens to my data?


Processes of algorithmic decision-making, such as purchase recommendations from e-commerce providers, content suggestions on social platforms or the diagnosis of illnesses via app, permeate our everyday lives. In most cases, however, the way these systems work is not sufficiently disclosed to users or is even actively concealed. New transdisciplinary insights and tools are needed to deal with these systems in a confident manner.



The goal of DataSkop is to strengthen digital sovereignty, and thus the competencies of individuals - i.e., to deal with data in an informed manner, to act safely in digital environments, to recognize algorithmic structures and to understand them in basic terms, as well as to assess topics in an interest-driven manner. The DataSkop project develops such a system in the form of a platform-independent infrastructure consisting of a data donation platform and a personal data dashboard. Innovative visualization concepts and competence-promoting teaching and learning scenarios for educational work are being developed. In the process, users learn self-determined handling of data, new skills and understanding in dealing with technologies.



Both the data donation platform and the associated personal data dashboard become part of the AlgorithmWatch advocacy strategy and activities. With their help, users will be empowered to better understand automated processes and change their behavior if necessary.

Project DataSkop

Partner AW AlgorithmWatch gGmbH, Berlin
European New School of Digital Studies
Fachhochschule Potsdam - Fachbereich Design - Verein für Medienbildung e.V., Berlin
Universität Paderborn - Institut für Erziehungswissenschaften

Contact person Sana Shah
AW AlgorithmWatch gGmbH, Berlin
E-Mail: shah[at]